Talk It Up. Lock It Up! Pledge


We had 260 community members sign our Safe Homes Pledge in 2014:

  • I will not knowingly allow youth (under age 21) to consume or use alcohol or other illegal drugs at my home, on my property or at gatherings that I am hosting at other locations.
  • I will provide reasonable adult supervision for parties of underage youth at my home or on my property.
  • I agree to make plans for adequate supervision for my child if I am away from home.
  • I will provide a secure place for all forms of alcohol, firearms, prescription drugs and other potentially hazardous items.
  • I welcome communication with any parent or guardian who observes my child using alcohol or other illegal substances.



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As an adult, I pledge to:

  • Not provide alcohol to youth under the age of 21 in my home or on my property.
  • Monitor alcohol in my home.
  • Not purchase large quantities of alcohol that is not secured.
  • Lock up alcohol in my home.